Man Mint Hair and Beard Conditioner

1,288 PHP 1,840
Man Mint Conditioner is going to blow your mind and tingle your follicles. This natural peppermint conditioner is packed full of peppermint, Australian sandalwood and bergamot because no one likes a one note wonder. It’s also enriched with watermelon seed oil and shea butter, to nourish and restore your beard while moisturising dry scalp. Just like toothpaste, it protects from damage all day long.

Watermelon Seed Oil - this oil will leave your hair moisturized and healthy
Shea Butter - decreases inflammation and itch, whilst improving hair health to prevent breakage
Activated Charcoal - formulated to absorb dirt and oil build up from the hair, leaving the follicles clean and clear


You might have used shampoo before, but just in case, here’s a quick reminder. Do not drink shampoo. Do not set shampoo on fire. Simply work into a gentle lather and massage into scalp—preferably in slow motion. There’s no need to rinse and repeat, either. This stuff works on the first go.