Our journey began from a discussion about our daily routines, one that we’ve probably had a hundred times before. What made this conversation different was the stage of life we were living through. The city we lived in, its elements, and the realization of growing older, made us acutely aware of how our bodies made us feel. We were starting to strongly consider our health and wellness, and how to take care of our bodies – something that was becoming increasingly challenging and complex as we grew older.

We play a significant role in controlling how we feel on a day to day basis. Diet and exercise are both important, but what is less known, yet equally important, is how we take care of our skin. The skin serves as our protection from the environment, and as our identity to our community.

After moving to Manila, we realized how difficult it was to find great brands, products, and information to help guys like us care for their skin. We got tired of products that were just…okay. Plus, the information available out there was just overwhelming. It’s a daunting task to begin. Where do we even start?

Everyone has their own story – from the skin we wear, to the life we build around ourselves. We created Doppkit for the Mindful Man. We exist because we want to take the guesswork out of daily skincare and grooming routines. Our mission is to make these rituals a part of life, so the focus can be on performing at one’s best daily. We want to do the filtering – to distill the information, products and the do’s and don’ts, so that men can begin to invest in themselves in a no-fuss manner.

Take care, man. Do it with Doppkit.