Face Fuel Cleanser

2,120 PHP

Removes built up dirt, oil and debris from the pores, leaving skin looking fresh. Helps to manage the skins pH level, while maintaining water retention. Reduces the size of pores while managing excess sebum (oil) production.


Green Tea Extract - fights off damaging free radicals, controls inflammation and stimulates microcirculation, to leave skin looking healthy and even in tone
Marshmallow Root Extract - highly hydrating, anti-inflammatory and ideal for sensitive skin types that improves the health and appearance of the skin
Activated Charcoal - blankets the skin and unclogs the pores, while eliminating toxins and bacteria


Pump once and rub the cleanser all over your face, working in small circular motions. Massage into a lather for 30 seconds, then rinse and dry. Your skin should be clean enough to eat off, but we still recommend using a plate. Finish up with some Smooth Operator Moisturiser, you smooth operator, you.