Citrus Blast Hand and Body Wash

2,070 PHP
Our Citrus Blast Body Wash will wake you up faster than a double-shot latte. We mixed cold-pressed mandarin with Australian sandalwood and activated charcoal to create a foamy, zesty, dirt-busting body wash. It’s also packed with lime pearl, a natural exfoliant that’s rich in alpha-hydroxy acids. Contains no pulp.

Lime Pearl - A natural agent extracted from caviar lime, a unique fruit rich in AHA’s (alpha-hydroxy acids). Lime Pearl gently improves the skin’s exfoliation process, removing accumulated dead skin cells to leave you looking and feeling smooth.
Australian Sandalwood - While many companies move away from using this ingredient due to the high price, the benefits outweigh the cost. Highly anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, this aromatic oil balances the skin and fixes discolouration.
Activated Charcoal - A highly absorptive substance that blankets the skin and unclogs the pores while eliminating toxins and bacteria.


Do you need us to draw you a picture? Get in the shower and get wet. Use a loofah to rub Citrus Blast into all your bits. Rub in a circular motion to create a good, foamy lather. Sing a little Frank Sinatra. Rinse and dry yourself off, then apply some of our Citrus Blast Body Moisturiser.