Activated Charcoal and Bamboo Body Scrub

1,750 PHP
We put a lot of thought into this men's body scrub. It’s got Argan and Jojoba oils to lock-in moisture. Activated charcoal to balance your PH and absorb impurities. Plus silica bamboo extract, a natural exfoliant with three times the usual level of grit—seriously, this stuff could exfoliate a rhinoceros. Finish with notes of Australian sandalwood, mandarin and sweet orange, and you’ve got one hell of a body scrub.

Activated Charcoal - blankets the skin and unclogs the pores while eliminating toxins and bacteria
Bamboo Stem Extract - repairs
the skin whilst helping increase cell turnover,
improves the skins tone and texture, whilst also
known to improve scar appearance and clearing
skin conditions


Just remember, a little scrub goes a long way. Hop into the shower and get wet. Take a small amount of scrub and start working it into your body, all over, massaging in circular motions. The bamboo stem extract is pretty coarse, so go easy. Let the natural exfoliants do their thing.