Face Magnet Scrub

1,449 PHP 2,070

Provides heavy duty cleaning, removing dirt and dust that accumulates deep in the pores. Removes dead skin cells, revitalizing the skins appearance and leaving it smooth. Removes acne scars and prevents ingrown hairs from occurring.


Kaolin Clay - soothes different skin types, controls excess sebum (oil) production, and leaves skin smooth
Magnetite - attracts and absorbs impurities leaving skin refreshed
Activated Charcoal - blankets the skin and unclogs the pores while eliminating toxins and bacteria.


We recommend scrub-a-dubbing twice a week, before you get into the shower. Just wet your face over the basin, scoop out a small amount of scrub, and massage into a gentle lather. You should feel the dead skin cells falling away. Gross, but true. Either leave Face Magnet to dry for a couple minutes, like a mask, or rinse off in the shower. Job done.