Logic Toner

1,484 PHP 2,190

250 ml

By cleaning out the last remnants of each day’s (or last night's) oily residue and unwanted build up, ‘Logic’ works hard to clear pores and leave skin clean and taut. Engineered with a bespoke blend of proven actives this natural formulation balances, clears and tones without stripping or dehydrating sensitive skin, providing a much-needed ceremony to a daily routine.


Alpine Willow Herb - shrinks and reduces pore size, while balancing sebum production
Witch Hazel - reduces cellular damage and prevents signs of aging
Ponga Fern- reduces wrinkles and delivers a natural tightening effect on your skin


1) DAY: Use a splash of Logic Toner on your hands or on a cotton pad after cleansing with Ritual Cleanser. If you're shaving - make sure to use Logic Toner afterwards. Follow with Gameface Moisturizer.

2) NIGHT: If you've cleansed - apply a dash of Logic Toner before applying Dark Moon Hydrating Cream. We suggesting allowing Logic to really penetrate the skin before applying Dark Moon.