Cool Cola Hair and Beard Conditioner

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Here are a few reasons to use Cool Cola Hair & Beard Conditioner. First, you get to walk around smelling like sweet orange, lime and neroli. Second, it’s got watermelon seed oil, which delivers oxygen and amino acids right down into the follicles. Lastly, we added little flecks of silver mica, for that classic disco-beard.

Watermelon Seed Oil - this oil will leave your hair moisturized and healthy
Shea Butter - decreases inflammation and itch, whilst improving hair health to prevent breakage
Activated Charcoal - formulated to absorb dirt and oil build up from the hair, leaving the follicles clean and clear


Shampoo cleans your hair and removes nasty oils. Conditioner puts the good oils back. Just work into a gentle lather and massage into your scalp. Let the conditioner do its thing for a few minutes, then rinse, avoiding your eyes, nose and mouth. Getting cola-scented conditioner in eyes, nose or mouth is not fun.